We are so proud of having Dignity released on this great compilation produced by Eclipse Records!!!!

InkTunes volume 27

Here’s what they say about it:

“InkTunes Volume 27 is a digital music compilation produced by Eclipse Records’ music marketing division. 10,000 copies of the compilation are distributed for free by our network of more than 100 retail partners. Our partners are located in major markets all across the United States of America. The majority of our retail partners are trend-setting tattoo shops and clothing stores who’s clientele have a strong affinity for heavy metal and hard rock music. They display and distribute our high-quality digital download cards, which their customers take for free, and redeem online to download the songs onto their smartphones or computers.

InkTunes volume 27 will feature songs from twenty one amazing metal and rock bands from all over the world. Packed with some of the best emerging artists, volume 27 is a sure addition to the playlist of any fans of metal and hard rock music. So far, the featured bands on Volume 27 are Mass Driver, Stage Of Reality, Sixty Miles Ahead, Dead Wake, DESPITE, Flood The Asylum, As Oceans, A Breach Of Silence, Anathemic, VIPERIA, Naberus, TTK, Inoculum, Xerosun, In This Temple, Warning Sign, Corners of Sanctuary, Maze Of Sound, Mindshift, Saint Diablo, and Our Last Enemy.

SPECIAL THANKS to Weston Bearce of Wild West Dermagraphics in South Tamworth, NH for designing the artwork for Volume 27! Drop in to the shop and get a #tattoo. Then pick up your copy of the Volume!”