We are really proud of what they say in this live report, it seems Stage of Reality did really well during our latest gig!!!


“I never had the pleasure to listen to them neither on a cd (their first one called “The Breathing Machines” is from 2014) , so I was completely unaware of their proposal and the feeling of having been swept away by an absolutely brilliant performance was The flagship of the evening.

An incredibly engaging, adult and mature hard rock supported by technique and passion both on the same level. A great ability to stand on the stage, an excellent technical preparation owned by all the members of the band, all combined with Electronic sounds, groove and tons of riffs which are never simple and with vocal lines that quickly get imprinted in your mind and make you immediately want to sing the choruses. I had rarely been enraptured  by a live band that I didn’t know yet and the credit belongs to their frontman Damiano Borgi, who is eclectic, at ease with both the dark and brightest vocal colours and also very effective as a frontman. Stage of Reality’s songs are each one better than the last (now I’m curious to listen to their new album coming out next October by Rock Avenue Records). They performed also a very successful cover song of “Beat It” by M. Jackson, an artist who I recognize to be of a huge importance, but who I cannot really like anyway. Well, Stage of Reality have also succeeded in this miracle. Absolutely surprising and valid beyond all hope.”


Written by Gianluca “Graz” Grazioli

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