Hi folks! We got something fresh for you all. We’re finishing to work on our brand new videoclip filmed, directed and edited by Born Brothers Productions (Valentino Bornaccioni and Anastasia Bornaccioni). We decided our latest single THE SOLITUDE deserved more than a simple band playing around all the time, so we put something more (big surprise…) and we hope you’ll appreciate it as much as we did.

New official pics are coming out too by Anastasia Bornaccioni, we opted for a studio set to define Stage of Reality’s new image. We’re really happy of the result and you can see something already released in the BAND section on this very website.

In the meanwhile the SOR machine never stops and while on the “live concert” side we’re waiting for a new promo tour, on the “new material” side we’re working on some new tunes that will represent something new in our discography. As you well know we never stop experimenting, that means sometimes we release songs that may not be liked by all our fans because they sound different from the past ones, but we know you got brilliant brains and sooner or later you’ll listen to those different compositions with brand new ears as well as we try to do everytime we enter the studio again.

So, don’t forget to tell your friends about us, remember that your opinion is the best way to promote our music and make it possible to come to play live in your town so to share that amazing adrenaline feeling called LIVE CONCERT!!!

Stay tuned