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New single out on Feb 11th 2022

Written by on 13 Gennaio 2023

Yes you are reading good! We’ll release another single on February 11th and it will be an amazing cool live version of Think Twice. the original track was released with the album Stage of Reality in 2017, lot of years passed by and now we play differently, we’ve changed our sound into a more electronic […]

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New videoclip, new pics and more

Written by on 18 Novembre 2022

Hi folks! We got something fresh for you all. We’re finishing to work on our brand new videoclip filmed, directed and edited by Born Brothers Productions (Valentino Bornaccioni and Anastasia Bornaccioni). We decided our latest single THE SOLITUDE deserved more than a simple band playing around all the time, so we put something more (big […]

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Written by on 17 Ottobre 2022

New single release on Spotify on October 28th Follow us on Spotify to be the first one to listen to THE SOLITUDE “With THE SOLITUDE Stage of Reality want to lay bare the most tragic aspect of achieving a life goal: the solitude. Waking up every morning with a goal difficult to reach and knowing […]

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MY INNER PRISON Out on Feb 25th

Written by on 31 Gennaio 2022

Finally we got a release date!!! Our brand new single will be released on February 25th, we work together with PR Lodge Agency Europe for promotion and distribution and with Born Brothers Production to realize the videoclip. Remember to join our mailing list and follow us on FB, IG, YT and TW to be always […]

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Filling That Grave out on Dec 25th

Written by on 6 Gennaio 2022

We’re really proud to announce the release of our latest song entitled FILLING THAT GRAVE! FILLING THAT GRAVE is an immersion into the human soul. We wrote a song about the tragedy of a life torn apart by alcohol abuse while driving and the tragedy of who survives to such a grief and who feels […]

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Il metal che cambia pelle (Auralcrave)

Written by on 30 Settembre 2019

Tempo fa, qui su Auralcrave, parlavamo di come sarà la musica del futuro e dicevamo: “…Il suono elettronico in tutte le sue sfumature si sta espandendo a macchia d’olio, contaminando tutti i pezzi pop su cui riesce a mettere le mani. La capacità dell’elettronica di imporsi in termini di popolarità, porterà un radicale cambiamento del concetto di […]

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Mark Boals Live Report by Vero Rock

Written by on 10 Dicembre 2016

Il pubblico anche in questa occasione si dimostra alquanto ricettivo ed entusiasta, accompagnando i propri beniamini con cori e battiti di mani: sicuramente, a prescindere dai gusti di ognuno, è innegabile la forte presenza scenica e il carisma dimostrati nuovamente dal quintetto, due ingredienti fondamentali per continuare anche in futuro ad offrire ottime prestazioni live […]

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