Author: Andrea Neri

Bad Guy – New Single

Written by on 19 Febbraio 2020

Everybody knows Billie Eilish and her song Bad Guy. We think it’s a great tune and it truly represents this very music age, so we decided to make our own version of it starting from the original bass synth riff and adding electric guitars. Also the structure itself is a little bit changed, but we […]

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Money for Dreams is finally out

Written by on 13 Gennaio 2020

Maybe this is the song that better represents our new sound. Welcome on Stage is a short trailer of what we do, Filling that Grave is a song which combine our melody, writing, composing and the new sound.But Money For Dreams is pure power. We’ve pushed the turbo boost button with a complete song, riffs, […]

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Money for Dreams on Radio Elettrica

Written by on 8 Gennaio 2020

Money for dreams preview at 3.30 pm on Radio Elettrica!!! Today at 3.30 pm we will be guests of Sira De Vanna during her broadcast on Radio Elettrica. We’ll talk about a lot of things and we’ll give you the opportunity to listen to our new single MONEY FOR DREAMS 😱😱😱. Don’t miss it \ m /

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Filling that Grave – our new single!

Written by on 8 Dicembre 2019

Don’t be lazy and take your time to watch our new amazing lyric video \m/ FILLING THAT GRAVE talks about a man who loose the person he loves in a car crash because he was driving high. It’s a song about regret, a song about starting our lives again after something really bad. It’s a […]

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Welcome On Stage is finally out!

Written by on 16 Novembre 2019

The wait os over!!! What are you (still) waiting for? Go listen to it right now! Where? Oh s..t it’s everywhere!!! Did you try with our music page? Video page? New release? Nothing? Ok check it out now on the music page!

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Working on new material

Written by on 11 Aprile 2019

Hi people! Yes it’s true, the band is going back to the studio to record some new challenging stuff. Our latest album was released in 2017 and now it’s time for something new. We still don’t know if it’s gonna be an EP or a full LP, but it’s gonna be huge for sure. We’ve […]

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New gig in Rome

Written by on 6 Febbraio 2019

Hello people!!! We’re really happy to announce our next gig in ROMEon Feb 22nd at KILLJOY, on the best venues of our ethernal city \m/ You’re all invited, free entrance, great sound system and an amazing ledwall we’re gonna use with our video footage!!! It’s an opportunity to listen to 17 CRASH from Livorno, they’ll […]

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New photoshooting by Sirio Tessitore

Written by on 11 Gennaio 2019

Here we are! Wanna see some cool pics? Have a look at our latest photoes shooted by Sirio Tessitore \m/ This time our stage is a place which tells the reality of our city, Rome. Every day we are surrounded by infinite “stages of reality”: among them we chose 11 and transformed into the songs […]

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New pics upcoming in 2019

Written by on 24 Dicembre 2018

Here’s some backstage pics taken by Michela Ricciardi during our latest photoshooting by Sirio Tessitore. New year, new photoes, new… who knows? Stay tuned for more news ph by Michela Ricciardi  

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Titta Tani as vocal guest

Written by on 1 Giugno 2018

On June 2nd the band will perform in Rome during the “Mezzabarba Day 2018” a big event organized by MEZZABARBA the famous italian brand of amplifiers. Titta Tani (EHFAR, Goblin – Claudio Simonetti’s) will perform as vocal guest on one song together with Damiano.

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