Titta Tani as vocal guest

1 Giugno 2018

On June 2nd the band will perform in Rome during the “Mezzabarba Day 2018” a big event organized by MEZZABARBA the famous italian brand of amplifiers. Titta Tani (EHFAR, Goblin – Claudio Simonetti’s) will perform as vocal guest on one song together with Damiano.

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Live Report by Metal.it

13 Maggio 2017

We are really proud of what they say in this live report, it seems Stage of Reality did really well during our latest gig!!! (…) “I never had the pleasure to listen to them neither on a cd (their first one called “The Breathing Machines” is from 2014) , so I was completely unaware of […]

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Yesterday’s gig was awesome

12 Maggio 2017

We wanna thank again the people, the venue, the staff and all the bands that made this festival possible!!! We opened for a cult band that made the history of Italian Heavy Metal, their name’s IN.SI.DIA and they were awesome both on stage and off. Very cool and nice guys indeed! Thanks Here our shot […]

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Live on HellCast Radio

22 Marzo 2017

Hi folks!!! We are really proud to announce our precence on HellCast Radio. Andy will be interviewed and you will be able to interact with him live and ask him anything you want… well, not anything but almost 🙂 You can also listen to our first two singles extracted from our upcoming album \m/ Stay […]

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